cator woolford gardens




One of Atlanta’s most meaningful hidden gems, the Cator Woolford Gardens provides a beautiful event space for life’s special moments — with all proceeds directly supporting the Frazer Center’s mission of fostering inclusion and celebrating diversity in the Atlanta community.


The goal was to create a clean and easy experience for users while keeping it elegant and true to the gardens. In making the site it was important to call attention to the mission, the uses for the ground, and helping users navigate the grounds. An interactive map was utilized in order to help users take a quick look around and see locations before they planned weddings and photoshoots. Not only did I design the site I was tasked to design a new logo and identity for the gardens.



Magnolia Logo



One of the most iconic southern flowers is the magnolia, pristine and white. Magnolias are associated with nobility, perseverance, dignity and a love of nature , a perfect fit for the gardens. The Cator Woolford logo was taken from this flower, not only does it call back to the flower in likeness, it also remarks on the jewel that the gardens are and the unions that take place there.




Interactive map


The best way to view the gardens is in person but, in order to help viewers online, I created this interactive map. As users click through the map of the gardens a small description about the area and a picture pop up to help add context and explain the features of those grounds.



Pitch Video

Below is the full working homepage video that I put together in After Effects in order to show the client direction, style, and implementation.