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illustrator // designer // artist.

I was lucky enough to spearhead HARMAN's Indigogo campaign for their new “Augmented Audio Reality.” The assignment was to design a one-page website that enticed people to opt in to the mail list and also created interest in the new audio technology.


This teaser video was provided by Harman. It was the basis for the project.


Below are the four options given to the client with varying experiences. Options one and two are simpler sign up pages, option three has an illustrated game aspect and option four can toggle sound on and off creating soundscapes.


This is a tour of the Mobile UX of the new responsive site currently in development. I did the designs and animations myself. Lately, I have been making videos like this to communicate the user experience of preliminary designs in a convincing way. This was done in After Effects.

I have been working for Mastermind Marketing for about two and a half years and have had some great opportunities to work with an array of blue-chip clients. Most things covered in my portfolio are from jobs that I have done at Mastermind.


These are animated gifs I created for Mastermind’s blog to illustrate an article about Instagram. The animation was done in After Effects and Photoshop.


Feed A Bee is a campaign ran by Bayer Bee Health designed to raise awareness of the decline in honeybee colonies. Through the site you can commit to plant wildflowers and receive seed packets to do your part. I was in charge of designing the pages, icons, illustrations, animations and all social media/collateral thereafter.
Check out this really great cause.


Here is just a sample of some of the illustrations I did and animated for the #FeedABee handle. These shares helped drive traffic and furthered engagements through the site. You can see the animations in action at


I have also been known to do work for Bayer Cropscience's social media avenues.
Here are just a few samples what I have come up with for their Connect blog and social media applications.


This was a pitch of mine for the 2016 Real Yield Sweepstakes. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and time restraints, we had to go with a much simpler idea. Good thing is at least I can show it here and can maybe use parts of it later. All design and animation is done by your's truly.


My friends and I have a high scoreboard of “different” skills we all possess. Anyone is free to challenge or add challenges to the board, and if you are lucky enough to hold a title, you may just get one of these pins.